Custom Program Embroidery Panels


*Note: embroidery panels are for the Custom Program ONLY. Do not add one of these panels to your cart if you are not ordering a custom pack. 

If you are ordering a custom pack and have chosen to go with an embroidery panel for the Pound logo, please pick ONLY 1 of panels available here. Be aware that the Pound logo is embroidered directly into the fabric panel, so you CAN NOT mix and match embroidery color from one panel and fabric color from another. The pictured panels are what we have, and you can refer to this list if you're unsure of fabric or embroidery color in the pictures.

Note that the panels in the second picture are for the Octothorpe and Octo-Haul ONLY as is indicated in the lists below. The panels in the first picture can be used for any custom pack.

Embroidery Panels (The Carlton/Octothorpe/Octo-Haul):

Pictured First:
1st row, top to bottom:
Charcoal Fabric with Purple Embroidery
Grey Fabric (old shade of grey no longer offered) with Black Embroidery
Royal Blue Fabric with Orange Embroidery
Kryptek Mandrake Fabric with Tan/Burnt Orange Embroidery
Navy Fabric with Navy Embroidery
Woodland Camo Fabric with Tan Embroidery
Pound Mini Ram & Shield Logo: Black Fabric with Black Embroidery 
Red Fabric with Black Embroidery
2nd row, top to bottom:
Sexton Logo: Charcoal Fabric with Purple Embroidery
Hot Pink Fabric with Black Embroidery
Wasabi Fabric with Purple Embroidery
Bordeaux Fabric with Steel Blue Embroidery
Navy Fabric with Neon Green Embroidery
Multicam Fabric with Tan/Brown Embroidery
Big Jerm Logo: Black Fabric with Black Embroidery
Multicam Fabric with Black/Tan Embroidery
Embroidery Panels (Octothorpe or Octo-Haul ONLY) - NOT available for The Carlton)
Pictured Second:
1st row, top to bottom:
Multicam Tropic Fabric with Tan Embroidery
Black Fabric with Steel Blue Embroidery
Royal Blue Fabric with Black Embroidery
Forest Green Fabric with Gold Embroidery
Black Fabric with Purple Embroidery
2nd row, top to bottom:
Multicam Black Fabric with Silver Green Embroidery
Steel Grey (old shade of grey no longer offered) Fabric with Gold Embroidery
Navy Fabric with Steel Blue Embroidery
Red Fabric with Black Embroidery
Purple Fabric with Black Embroidery
3rd row, top to bottom:
Kryptek Typhon Fabric with Silver Embroidery
Bordeaux Fabric with White Embroidery
Royal Blue Fabric with Gold Embroidery
Kryptek Mandrake Fabric with Tan/Burnt Orange Embroidery
Kryptek Mandrake Fabric with Tan/Brown Embroidery
(not pictured) Black Facric with Red Embroidery