If you're wondering what Round of preorders you're in, here's a breakdown:

Octo Rainfly Round 3: orders placed on or after September 17, estimated shipping early November. We are a little delayed but flies should go out by the middle of this month.

Carlton Rainfly Round 2: orders are SHIPPING NOW! 

We've just opened up preorders for Round 4 Octo and Carlton Rainflies: orders placed on or after November 7, estimated shipping mid-December. Note this is just an estimate and we will notify you if this should change.

The Custom Pack Builder plugin for the Octo-Haul is LIVE! The Custom Toolbox Builder will be coming later this month. 

Furthermore, we're all caught up on pack preorders so Big Jerm and stock Octothorpes are shipping now!

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Levi & the Pound Crew