The following products are available and shipping now:

  • Omakase Octothorpe #46: Royal & Clay
  • Stock Carltons: Charcoal, Sage, Black
  • Limited Edition Carltons (Free Shipping!)
  • Stock Toolboxes: Royal & Charcoal, Clay, White & Navy
  • Limited Edition Fannytastic Voyagers: all shipping now
  • Big Jerm Octothorpe Rainflies (old style, red)
  • Hydrapaks
  • Insulated Haul Pocket Inserts (Carlton/Octothorpe/Octo-Haul)

Preorders are up for the following:

  • Limited Edition Octothorpes (4 colors, Estimated shipping mid-February)

More Octo Rainflies  are finishing up now and will go live the 2nd week of January.

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Levi & the Pound Crew