The time is almost upon us .... over a year ago we began the search for a new production facility to work with in order to increase our production capacity. The factory we had been working with was simply not a good fit for either party - our orders were smaller than what was ideal for them, but still larger than what was ideal for our business model. We finally found an incredibly talented facility that was a great fit for both of us, and the fruits of those labors are about to pay off!

By the end of this month we will have Limited Edition Octothorpes in stock for $375, and this trend will continue indefinitely if all goes well. We will then be offering small batches in 3 different colorways every single month. For this first batch, and perhaps for the first few, we will not be doing preorders, but you should expect the first 3 colorways here to be in stock and shipping by the end of this month (as long as all goes according to plan).

The following products are available and shipping now:

  • Octo Rainflies
  • Carlton Rainflies
  • Stock Carltons: Black & Gold
  • Limited Edition Fannytastic Voyagers: all shipping now
  • Hydrapaks
  • Insulated Haul Pocket Inserts (Carlton/Octothorpe/Octo-Haul) 

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Levi & the Pound Crew