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Custom Rufus: Pack Builder



The biggest addition to the Rufus pack builder is the new spacer mesh colors which add a TON of new possibilities! We know you’re all wondering, and the answer is YES, we will definitely roll these out on the other builders. Just give us 2-4 weeks. There is an upcharge for the colors other than black, charcoal, & coyote (tan) simply because we make the standard 3 colors in bulk, whereas the new spacer mesh colors will be made to order. However, included in the upcharge is the ability to also pick the shoulder pad top Cordura fabric, and we will release a custom shoulder pad builder very soon. The upcharge will also apply to black, charcoal, & coyote (tan) mesh shoulder pads ONLY IF you want a fabric color that doesn’t match one of those mesh colors (no upcharge for solid black, charcoal, or coyote).


We are building the Rufus out of the same type of YKK regular (non-waterproof) zippers that we use on the Fly Packs. This zipper is slightly different from the zipper we use on the rest of our packs, so we can only offer the waterproof upgrade (+$10) in black, matte black, and coyote (tan). On a side note, though we prefer to use YKK’s medium #8 gauge zipper, we could only source some of the colors in the ridiculously burly #10 gauge zipper, so you’ll see some variation out in the wild.


They’re sweet and include red, blue, chartreuse, and purple. Again, we’ll roll them out on the other builders in 2-4 weeks.    


What we have been calling “Tan” is actually widely known within the outdoor industry as “Coyote”. We have simply decided to start calling it Coyote for simplicity’s sake. We will change the naming convention elsewhere on the website, so just know that Tan & Coyote are synonymous.


Below is a list of common questions and answers related to the Custom Program. If you'd like additional information, please see the ADD'L INFO tab at the top of the custom pack builder app.

Question: How long does it take to make my custom pack?
Producing your custom pack will take 8-12 weeks, but we DO NOT guarantee delivery within this window. Please DO NOT ask us for updates. If it has been more than 12 weeks and you haven't received tracking, feel free to email us for an update.


Question: Do you offer custom embroidery, or options not shown in the custom product builder?
Answer: No. We're unable to offer requests for custom embroidery, custom fabric, or other customizations not shown in the custom product builder. This helps us streamline the pack building process, and allows us to ship custom orders more quickly. 


Question: If I place a custom order can I make changes to, or cancel that order after the fact?
Answer: Yes, please see below for answers to each part of that question.
Cancellations: Custom Program order cancellations will be honored, but there is a $50 order cancellation fee, which will be deducted from the refund amount.
Change Requests: Custom Program orders are given a 48 hour grace period for change requests. If a change request is made after the grace period has ended, we charge $50 to implement that request. 


Question: Where can I read more about the custom order process?
Answer: Please see the Add'l Info tab in the custom product builder. We have more detailed information about the pack, and the ordering process shown there.


Question: I've read all of the information on this page, and in the Add'l Info tab, but I still have questions. Who should I email to get my questions answered?
Answer: Please send any questions to

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