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Nebuleus Preorders

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Preorders for Nebuleus-Pound branded Bottle Carriers are LIVE!

We are beyond excited to announce our collaboration with Nebuleus BeerTim & Rachel of Nebuleus kept it super classy with their color selections: solid charcoal with light gray zippers and turquoise liner & accents! 

Preorders will run until September 15th, at which point we will promptly get production underway. We estimate that orders will start shipping in mid-October, but we’ll let you know if things get delayed. Local pickup will also be an option.   

For those that don’t know, Tim & Rachel are not only lovely human beings, but they're also making some of the most sought after saisons in the country right now. In fact, Nebuleus just won Oregon’s Small Brewery of the Year at this year’s Oregon Beer Awards. If you ever get a chance to taste some of their saisons, by all means you won’t be disappointed!

About the Bottle Carriers:

The Nightcap is our smallest, sleekest bottle carrier. The snap-in internal divider provides padded vestibules for 2 bottles or 4 pint cans (stacked), and can be removed to pack the Nightcap to the gills with whatever strikes your fancy. 

The Share is our medium bottle carrier and best suited to most people's needs. The snap-in internal dividers provide padded vestibules for 4 bottles (up to 750ml), 8 pint cans (stacked), or a combination of bottles and cans. Take out all of the dividers and you've got yourself a growler carrier. Or, take out just one of the small dividers and create space for 2 bottles and a small side dish for sharing. 

The Entertainer is our largest and most versatile bottle carrier. The snap-in internal dividers provide padded vestibules for 6 bottles (up to 750ml), 12 pint cans (stacked), or a combination of bottles and cans. However, even if you're not regularly transporting this much booze, the padded dividers can be unsnapped and re-snapped to create a variety of different spaces inside the Entertainer. Take out all but one of the larger dividers and reposition it to the center, and voila! you've got a 2 growler carrier. Going to a friend's house for dinner and want to take a side dish and a couple bottles? Just take out some dividers to create space for a couple bottles and your dish, all separated by ample padding.

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