Frequently Asked Questions: Pound Disc Golf

Frequently Asked Questions: Pound Disc Golf

If you’re like most avid disc golfers, you are putting some extra research into finding the perfect bag that fits how you travel and play. We wanted to put together a short FAQ post about Pound Disc Golf and the bags we make.

If you are really wanting to dig into a longer summary, we recently published our Top 6 Considerations when Buying a New Disc Golf Bag. Long story short, we want you to be comfortable when you play, and we want your bag to be the most durable, functional disc golf bag on the planet.

What makes Pound bags different?

Well the most straight forward answer if we build bags completely differently of other brands. We simply set out to build the ultimate bag that we would want to use when we play. No shortcuts or compromises. We don’t even consider cost, just comfort, toughness, and technical performance. They we figure out how to build them at volume and set the price. It’s this process that makes it unable for us to wholesale the product.

I’m really wanting Pound apparel, do you have any?

Absolutely! We are dedicated to growing and expanding our brand with apparel, shirts, hats and other gear that meets Pound’s stringent quality and sourcing requirements. Here’s a link to our current line-up of apparel.

Pound bags cost a little more, why is that?

It's not a specific feature that makes the Pound Disc Golf bags more expensive. Rather, it's the quality that is infused into every step of their process – from product design to the materials we chose to use to build the bags and the extra steps and time we put into to actually make the bags. The result is a bag that is lighter, more durable, and more thought out, than anything else on the market. Like we mentioned before, we play disc golf, and we make bags. You’ll see why they cost a little extra. You can learn more here.

Why aren’t Pound Disc Golf bags available in stores?

The simple answer is that it costs to make a Pound bag, and that makes it too expensive to wholesale. Other bags (typically made oversees with cheaper materials) are made to wholesale. Meaning the cost to make the bag is doubled (if not quadrupled) by the manufacturer and then doubled again by the retailer. We simply refuse to do that, so if you want the best disc golf bag on the planet, in most cases, you’ll have to purchase directly from us.

How do I become a Pound Disc Golf Ambassador?

We review our ambassador plan during the 4th quarter of the current year for the upcoming year. Our ambassadors are not only selected based on their prowess as players, but also their alignment with our values and their level of dedication to the growing and supporting the disc golf community. You can reach out to us to be considered for the next year. We’ll reach out to you if we feel it right to take the next step.

How do I get my disc golf bag repaired?

That’s right question to ask. We believe in starting with a quality product that is worthy of repair instead of something poorly made that ends up in landfill. We have a dedicated team to get your bag back to top condition. There are two types of repairs. First there are warranty repairs that are that are due to an assembly or material failure. Those repairs and half the cost of shipping (to get the bag to us and back to you) are covered by Pound. Secondly, there are repairs due to any number of mishaps that are not due to defects in the product. In those cases, we make the repair at cost (zero mark-up on the repair time or materials) and you cover the shipping cost. We are dedicated to keeping every single Pound bag from ever going into a landfill.