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Our Story


To make the best disc golf packs and elevate the sport of disc golf.


We imagine that our story starts out no different than any of yours – with a mild interest that grew into an overwhelming obsession with the flying disc. In fact, we’d venture to say that most of you are the obsessive type like ourselves. As it turns out, we’re also obsessed with how we interact with discs and, more specifically, with making backpacks. 

Pound is a product-driven company committed to evolving with and elevating the sport of disc golf. As disc technology and emerging talent continue to redefine the boundaries of the sport, equipment and course design struggle to keep up. In order to develop products that will not only keep up with but also help redefine the sport, Pound utilizes the latest in backpack design technology. From 3-D modeling to technical materials, Pound utilizes current technology to push product development beyond the current boundaries.

However, fancy software and high-tech materials mean nothing if you’re not part of the actual building and testing of the bags. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to design, carrying out every aspect of the development process in-house. From the initial sketch to 3-D models and pattern sets, we cut the materials and sew the prototypes together. The prototypes undergo testing in the field, ensuring that design and materials come together to achieve their ultimate goal – performing for players under all conditions.   

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