Made in the USA

Pound's owner and designer Levi Buckingham is originally from Bozeman, Montana where our initial designs were created and tested in the inclement weather and terrain of the Rocky Mountains. Though Pound is now based in Portland, Oregon, we continue to build packs in Montana and the Pacific Northwest. Pound is proud to employ amazing talent in both locations and support US jobs and manufacturing.

freakish performance.

Framing that responds to body movement combined with lightweight materials make Pound the most comfortable bag in disc golf. The uncompromised craftsmanship, innovative technical design and unparalleled elite performance of the Octothorpe create a tactile experience that, until now, were only things of dreams. Yet, with all of its strength and balance, the Octothorpe is also the lightest bag in its class.


From YKK waterproof zippers to densified urethane shoulder pads, Pound utilizes high-quality materials that perform. Our backpacks are designed to exceed the standards of the world’s best players, with every situation in mind.


We produce our packs using construction techniques that rise above the industry standard in order to craft a backpack that not only performs in the elements, but will continue to do so time and time again. These are the most advanced disc golf packs ever created, and are designed to endure and elevate the game of every person who carries our packs.


Cut and carved out of the rugged terrain of Montana, our uncompromising bomb proof packs will stand up to the most demanding environments and thousands of miles of tees and baskets. Just in case you decide to test their limits, Pound backpacks are guaranteed for life.


Pound is the culmination of over 20 years of design experience in the backpack industry and over 20 years of involvement in the disc golf community. We are committed to elevating the sport of disc golf through innovative design, providing disc golfers with professional-level bags that will evolve with the players and the sport.