Three Pound disc golf bags sitting on a trail in the woods.

Topflight Design & Freakish Performance

Two disc golfers walking down a trail while wearing Pound backpacks with several discs loaded into them.

One of a Kind

The Disc Golf Bag You Customize

No other disc golf company makes bags the way Pound does and because we make the packs ourselves, we offer the option for you to fully customize your bag. The only limit is your imagination. Create a one-of-a-kind bag that matches your personality on the course.

Top Seller

The Rufus

The Rufus is our smallest and lightest pack. Designed for those that like to carry fewer discs but don’t want to skimp on features, the Rufus is loaded with versatility.


Meet the Pros that carry Pound

Pound’s Ambassadors do more than carry our bags. They are the ones who are carry Disc Golf forward into the future. Get to know why our values align with these athletes.

Pound's founder, Levi, sitting at a picnic table with a disc golf back behind him.

Our Story

A Different Kind of Company

We build bags in a completely different way than any other company. We started with comfort, topflight design and freakish performance. Then we made sure it wouldn’t ever end up in a landfill.

A disc golf athlete wearing a baseball cap featuring the Pound logo.

More to Explore

Pound Exclusives

Our creative designs don’t stop with Disc Golf. Explore our beverage carriers and travel bags, all made with the signature Pound craftsmanship.

Don’t Compromise on Your Disc Golf Bag

Your bag is likely the single biggest investment you’ll make as a disc golfer. Considering your bag will be picked up and set down over 100 times during a single round, you want to make sure it’s freakishly durable and insanely comfortable.

Pound's the best of the best. It's the quality, the craftsmanship, the vision for what a bag could be.

Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling, 2016 USDGC Champion

One Bag for Life, American Made

We imagine that our story starts out no different than any of yours – with a mild interest that grew into an overwhelming obsession with the flying disc.