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Lifetime Warranty - Returns & Exchanges - Cleaning

We guarantee all of our packs against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of every pack. Through our design and testing process, and adherence to incredibly high quality standards we do everything we can to ensure each pack lives the longest life possible. However, just like your favorite pair of work pants, fabrics eventually wear out through hard use. Disc golf packs are no exception. In fact, disc golf is one of the hardest ways a pack can be used. The frequent on/off nature of a disc golf backpack's life means it's subjected to the same type of accelerated wear seen in gear used for wildland firefighting or military use.

We are reasonable human beings and always lean heavily in favor of our customers - we only ask that you are reasonable in return and are realistic about your expectations. It truly makes us happy to be able to extend the life of a pack, and more importantly to keep them out of the landfill. We take our duty to our customers and to the environment seriously and we hope that you are proud to be a part of that mission. 

If you have a Pound pack that is in need of a little love please email us some pictures of the issues in question and we'll get the ball rolling on the warranty process. Cleaning and shipping the pack is your responsibility, though we will cover the cost of shipping back to you if the issue was in any way due to a manufacturing defect. If the issue was not the result of a manufacturing defect, return shipping will be your responsibility. In the very rare instance of severe manufacturing defects, we will cover the cost of shipping both ways.

Repairs that are not the result of manufacturer defects are also offered for a reasonable fee. For example, s
houlder pads are considered a wearable item like a car's brake pads. Through extended use they will eventually wear out, and when that happens it's generally not considered a manufacturing defect. Replacement shoulder pads are available for purchase, and can be shipped for a small fee. If your bag was made prior to the introduction of the snap-in replaceable shoulder pads we can upgrade your bag to accept the new straps. Please reach out to us about what that process looks like.

General assessments can be made from the pictures you send, but we won't be able to do a thorough inspection until we receive your pack.  Again, we always lean heavily in favor of our customers when assessing warranty issues.  

If you have a Pound pack in need of repair:

  1. Email us at with pictures of the issues and we will give you a general assessment of the repairs involved. 

    Before you ship the pack back to us it must be clean. WE WILL NOT REPAIR DIRTY PACKS. IF YOU SEND US A DIRTY PACK WE WILL SEND IT BACK. NO EXCEPTIONS. So please follow these instructions before sending your pack in for repair:

    • Open every zippered pocket as wide as possible. Empty the pack of all debris by turning upside-down and shaking vigorously.
    • Using warm water, scrub the pack down with a wet rag INSIDE AND OUT (PARTICULARLY INSIDE). DO NOT USE HARSH SOAPS OR CHEMICALS as they will damage the fabric. AND NEVER PUT YOUR PACK IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!! If the pack is very dirty, you can use a pea size amount of natural laundry detergent in a large bucket of water.
    • Hang the clean pack to dry in the shade - do not dry your pack in direct sunlight.
  1. Shipping:
    • Send your pack to Pound Disc Golf at the address we provide.
    • Shipping Tips: Use the smallest box possible! The pack cannot be damaged by being crammed into a small box, and this will save you money on shipping. UPS Ground tends to be the cheapest option, but if you're located in California, Washington, or another state adjacent to Oregon USPS might be cheaper. If you cannot find shipping for less than $35 just let us know and we'll see what we can do to help.
    • International Return Shipping: Due to the cost of international shipping we will cover the first $30 of return shipping for international orders if the repairs are covered under warranty.
  1. Warranty and Repairs:
    • We will inspect your pack to assess any issues you’ve described as well as any potential issues we might find. In some instances a small warranty fee will apply for issues that don't fall under manufacturing defects. If that is the case with your pack we will contact you with a repair estimate prior to starting the repair process. 


We gladly accept returns on new, unused items. If you would like to start the return process please email us at

As part of the return process the customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping, as well as a 10% restocking fee, which we charge to cover the cost of the credit card transaction fee, and the original shipping cost. Once we receive the return and inspect it, we will promptly issue a refund. Please note that it can take up to 5 business days from the time we issue the refund to when the funds are back in your account.  


We also gladly accept exchanges on new, unused items. If you would like to start the exchange process please email us at

As part of the exchange process the customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping as well as the additional shipping cost for the new item. Once we receive the exchange and inspect it, we will send an invoice for shipping of the new item. Upon payment of the invoice, we will  promptly send the new item out.    

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