When purchasing one of our bags and/or backpacks through the Custom Program please read, understand, and acknowledge the following information prior to completing your purchase.

Timeline: We estimate that the production of custom backpacks and bags will take 8-12 weeks. This is only an estimate, and is not a guarantee that your bag or backpack will be delivered in that timeframe.

Cancellations: Custom Program order cancellations will be honored, but there is a $50 order cancellation fee, which will be deducted from the refund amount.

Change Requests: Custom Program orders are given a 48 hour grace period for change requests. If a change request is made after 48 hours have elapsed we charge $50 to implement that request. This charge is necessary because altering planned production for custom bags is complex and time consuming.

Unique Colorways: We offer a wide variety of color options through our Custom Program, but we can't guarantee that packs purchased through the Custom Program will be unique. Sometimes two different customers will choose the same exact color options when building their pack of choice, or we may offer a colorway through our Limited Edition or Omakase programs that will match packs purchased through the Custom Program. Furthermore, we don't check Custom Program orders to see if they match existing, past, or future colorway offerings.