The following tells you everything you need to know in order to design your custom color pack. Streamlining the ordering process is the only way in which we are able to keep the upcharge for custom packs reasonable. It takes an incredible amount of extra energy to create a custom pack so please respect our time and we will respect your wallets. Here is a rundown of the guidelines you need to know before you start the ordering process (please excuse all of the DO NOT's but they are necessary to keep this program going):

  • Producing your custom pack will take 6-8 weeks. PLEASE DO NOT ASK US FOR UPDATES. We will let you know if production is delayed beyond 8 weeks and you will receive tracking as soon as your pack ships.
  • If you cannot figure something out after you've read through everything you can drop us a line at We're happy to chat with you about your color combo as well, just include your phone number in the email and we will call you back.
  • We DO NOT do custom embroidery (this includes name and PDGA#). NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • We DO NOT source specific colors or materials for individuals, so please DO NOT contact us regarding color or material requests.
  • Availability of certain materials may periodically change, so if you do not see a particular fabric color it means it is out of stock.
  • Very minor details not even worth listing here will be decided for you and will be chosen to best match the colorway you've designed. Trust us, we've made a couple thousand of these things by now, so we'll take care of the rest so you stay classy.


  • Liner (200 Denier Cordura - *not pictured)
  • Upper Portion of Pack (500 or 1000 Denier Cordura)
  • Lower Portion of Pack (1000 Denier Cordura)
  • Spacer Mesh

We’ve designed our packs to be as light, durable, and waterproof as possible, so we utilize 3 different fabric weights to achieve this goal: 200, 500, and 1000 Denier Cordura. 200 Denier Cordura is used for the liner, or inside of the pack, and is the lightest, most water resistant of the fabrics (but has poor abrasion resistance). 500 Denier Cordura has good abrasion and water resistance, is a medium weight, and is perfect for the majority of the pack. 1000 Denier Cordura is the heaviest, most abrasion resistant of the 3 Corduras and is utilized for the lower portions and bottom of the pack.

Therefore, there are 3 choices when it comes to picking fabric: the liner, the upper, and the lower portion of the pack. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when building your custom colorway:

  • We DO NOT offer multiple color choices within the liner, upper, and lower portion of the pack. ONLY 1 color choice each.
  • 200 Denier can NOT be used for the outside of the pack and 500 Denier can NOT be used for the lower portion - they simply do not have the abrasion resistance needed for these applications.
  • Not every 500 Denier color has a matching 1000 Denier color for the color scheme of the pack, so consider that if you’re trying to make a solid color pack.
  • Due to the way we process fabric we DO NOT accommodate requests to build the Upper out of 1000 Denier if it is a color we stock in 500 Denier.  
  • Spacer Mesh: soft breathable material on the body(back) panel and underside of shoulder pads.


They are 4 choices as far as zippers are concerned:

  • Smaller gauge zippers are used for the majority of the pack: Main Compartment, Putter Pocket, Haul Pockets, Upper Side Pockets
  • Larger gauge zippers are used for the long side pockets. *Note, larger gauge zippers MUST BE USED on the long side pockets, i.e. smaller gauge zippers CANNOT be used here due to stress on the zippers. However, larger gauge zipper colors are limited, so consider that in relation to the smaller gauge color when assembling your custom colorway.
  • Zipper Slider & Cord: the slider is the metal body that slides to open and close the pockets and the cord is the textured material tied to the body for ease of use.