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The Toolbox is Pound's small storage duffel and is perfect for taking on tour. The Toolbox is fully protected with 1/8" closed cell foam in the lid and sides and a plastic bottom. The web handles are reinforced with nylon web for a nicer feel and sturdier carriage, and the end pockets are great for extra towels, minis, or even a couple extra discs if you're the type that can't get enough cow bell! Factoring in a combination of putters, mids, and drivers, the Toolbox storage capacity is 20 discs in the main compartment and 3 on each end for a total of 26 (though it can be pushed to 30 with more drivers). The Toolbox maximizes space in the car or at home as it was designed to fit snugly around our precious golf discs.

 Dimensions: 17" long x 9" wide x 8.5" tall


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  • Dimensions: 17" long x 9" wide x 8.5" tall

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Gabriel S
Excellent size and sturdy

I loved everything about this except there is no shoulder strap. It’s sold separately. Why?


A beaut

Chris Vee

Purchased this while waiting on a custom Rufus as I needed something proper to hold my discs. Also planning that it can act as a locker bag for the extra discs I accumulate for those I may not utilize on a certain course.

Top notch construction and the integrated padding (no inserts to install) gives the bag shape and keeps everything tight and protected. Bag is perfect for easier traveled courses as I’m constantly picking up and setting down anyway but (I feel) a pack is the way to go when hiking steeper elevation or more rugged terrain.

The end pockets are big enough for bottles, but those pockets are not padded, and “just” the codura fabric. They work but not ideal. I’m thinking that some molle webbing on the side could make for a slick modular setup where someone could add a bottle holder and/or extra pockets that can be swapped based on need and preference- plus- it could add a new market for pound molle accessories ;)

Pound packs cost more than their Ali baba rebranded counterparts. They’re worth it. The materials, construction, and HERITAGE of the pack influences (big Mystery Ranch fanboy) are all Midas touches that make this a very worthy purchase.


Pound continues their reputation of being the best Disc Golf Pack company. The Toolbox like every other pack Levi and crew make is professionally made with the best materials, and built in America.

The Pound Bushnell Toolbox has special pockets for your range finder and speaker. Also plenty of space for spare/driving range discs.

This bag is definitely a buy!

Great Duffel

I love the Toolbox for either practice or use as a duffel bag for travelling. It's built to be very durable. Side pockets are great for holding discs while still being able to carry everything you need in the centre console. I will be using this as my main travelling duffel for tournaments.

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