Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul
Deluxe Octo-Haul

Deluxe Octo-Haul

Sale price$474.99
Color:Black and Lemon Lime

More of Everything.

More of Everything.

The Octo-Haul is the bigger brother to our flagship pack, the Octothorpe. Released in 2016, the Haul is intended for players that want more of everything. More disc storage, more pockets, and more room for gear. We took the core design of the Octothorpe, and widened both the long pockets and Haul pockets. We also added extra internal pockets, compression straps, and Haul pocket lid retention sleeves to keep things tidy. These added features give the Octo-Haul a 35+ disc capacity with plenty of room to spare for water, gear, and anything else. 

Overview of Features

Overview of Features

  • Velcro Patches (Deluxe Upgrade)
  • Scorecard Pocket (Deluxe Upgrade)
  • One Octo-Haul Insulated Insert Included
  • Removable Shoulder Pads
  • Dual XL Haul Pockets
  • XL Long Pockets for Jackets etc.
  • Document Sleeves Inside Top of XL Long Pockets
  • Sleeves w/Snaps for Haul Pocket Lids 
  • Pack Body Made with 500/1000 Denier CORDURA re/cor™/Cordura® Nylon
  • Waterproof Bottom Made with 1680 Denier Ballistic ECOPAK™
  • Integrated Hydration Sleeve
  • Putter Pocket Fits 5 Putters, Snap for Lid, Convex Front 
  • Cell Phone Pocket
  • Pen/Pencil Slots
  • D-Rings for Tags/Towels
  • Stool Carry
  • Umbrella Sleeve
  • Overall Disc Capacity 35+

Bigger is Better.

Just like the Octothorpe, the Octo-Haul's design combines the comfort and durability of a mountaineering pack with the functionality of a disc golf bag. This is achieved by applying design techniques, material selection, and quality standards that are common in the outdoor backpacking industry. The Octo-Haul is also the beneficiary of the design improvements that we've made to the Octothorpe over the years. The two packs' common cores mean that just like the Octothorpe, every Octo-Haul sold today is also the most comfortable, durable, and well made disc golf backpack in the sport.

The Octo-Haul features a main compartment with a 20 disc capacity, and an easy to access putter pocket at the top of the bag that can hold 4-5 putters. The pack also features six external zippered storage pockets, as well as an integrated hydration sleeve with tube management for those that carry hydration bladders. The pack exterior is constructed using a combination of US-made 1000D and 500D Cordura® Nylon fabric that provides maximum durability and light weight. For those who play in all conditions, the pack is also compatible with our rainfly that features waterproof fabric and magnetic flap closures for easy pocket access.

Product details

  • Dimensions: 19" Tall x 9" Deep x 20" Wide at Bottom/14" at Top 
  • Weight:  4lbs 2oz
  • Cordura® Nylon Urethane Coated DWR Fabric
  • Water Repellent YKK® Zippers
  • Densified Urethane Shoulder Pads
  • High Density Polyethylene and Fiberglass Framing 
  • Breathable Spacer Mesh
  • Closed Cell Foam

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

10,000/10. Best bag on the market if you can afford it. Build quality is immaculate, & surprisingly light for the build. Highly recommend to anyone who plays most weeks and attends multiple tournaments!

Nothing but the best! Pound gave me a premonition after my order, since I was a bit early to the party <3


Pound never disappoints and this bag is stunning in person. Really looking forward to using it in the future.

Dream Bag.

I bought this bag one year ago. The build quality on this Pound Bag is unmatched. The Deluxe Octo-Hauls added features are fantastic, the Insulated Sleeve is amazing, and the Velcro patches for customization are fun. I can carry so much in my pack and have zero back fatigue at the end of several rounds. This bag is a Packmule, it can hold everything you would need in a round, and more. I utilize about 70% capacity with everything that would have absolutely maxed out a Grip AX3.

Here are some things to consider. When I first bought the bag it would always fall over randomly, with time that stopped. The bottom of the bag will get soaked in heavy PNW rain, even with a Pound Rainfly*. I would like to see some sort of hard bottom insert or a plastic rail in the future. After one year the shoulder straps have started to fray from friction, however the cushioning is still superior. I found my Grip AX3 Bags' padding to wear down much quicker over time.

Overall I would highly recommend this bag. The overall padding on the straps and back-panel are superior. You hardly notice the bag throughout the day. The materials and attention to detail are outstanding. I could say this bag will last me a lifetime, but I know it's not going to be my only Pound Bag!

* I would still recommend a Pound Rainfly in Moderate conditions, as the design and quality are still remarkable.


Best Disc Golf Backpack I've ever had! Most comfortable! So much storage!


The bag of all BAGS. Excellent craftsmanship. Holds so many discs comfortably even from playing all day. Will never use another brand. I believe they're called "Pound" because they are Pound for Pound the best at making great bags

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